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Going to a concert offers you a different experience. When you are attending a show indoors, you feel the bass’s pulse and vibrating through your bones. Inside the room, people are dancing and fist-pumping, which can be loud and sweaty, but it is a thrilling experience. When there are outdoor concerts, the soft breeze and the summer air provides a refreshing change of scenery. And if there is the right crowd, people will be laughing, talking, and smiling together. Whether you are in an outdoor amphitheatre or indoor arena, someone in the crowd is getting high. This frequently happens if you live in a state where recreational cannabis is legal, although it is not uncommon at concerts regardless of marijuana regulations. Are you one of those individuals who want to experience something different apart from music? In this guide, you will know some best ways how to smoke weed at music festivals and concerts.

Edibles and Concentrate vape

Consuming marijuana edibles is the most unnoticeable way to get high at a Crystal Pro Max concert. They are potent, portable, and fully discreet. Carry a brownie in your wallet or a few mints in the pocket, and you ought to fly high for the night. Please remember a few edibles take up to two hours to kick in, so do not expect to hit you right away. Make sure you are aware of how edibles can affect you and check on your dosage. Getting extremely high when surrounded by loud music and strangers can ruin your fun.

Maybe, one of your favorite aspects of smoking is the technique of inhaling and exhaling your weed. So, when smoking at concerts, you can use a concentrate vaporizer. Carry your favorite pen and bring it for smoke that can be easily hidden in your hand. When smoking with a vape at concerts, please note that the vape pen’s exhaling more noticeable than the typical cloud of smoke that accompanies smoking flowers. Try exhaling towards your feet after every hit, and this will allow the smoke to dissipate before it starts floating above your head.


Another method on how to smoke weed is choosing a flower. However, carrying bud to a concert, whether outdoors or indoors, is always a risk. Whether you are smoking a bowl, a joint, or a one-hitter, it is difficult to hide things. The majority of the venues do not even allow smoking cigarettes and weed smells. When smoking, the cloud of smoke will definitely find a way above your head, and those in your surrounding area will not what is happening and who is smoking – that also includes security. This led to several people getting kicked out of the concerts for not being discreet with their weeds. So, if you really want to smoke flowers at concerts, consumer before entering inside. Consume at your home or in the parking area before the show. You will enter getting high and will not run the risk of getting thrown out, at least for not consuming weed.

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